Your search for edible bird’s nest in Australia ends here, as you begin your journey of savouring the taste of lifetime health with us at Yi Yan Ge Birdsnest.

Savour our bird’s nest and live healthily ever after in just 30 minutes a day - no cleaning, no picking, no soaking.

Made with ethically and sustainably farmed swiftlet nests in Malaysia with care

Yi Yan Ge is made from actual bird’s nest cups, instead of nest filaments.

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How to Prepare Yi Yan Ge Birdsnest

  • Option 1: Double Boiler

    Step 1 - Prepare 120 ml to 150ml water in a double boiler

    Step 2 - Add a sachet of Yi Yan Ge Birdsnest and other ingredients

    Step 3 - Boil for 30 minutes and enjoy!

  • Option 2: Thermal Vacuum Flask

    Step 1 - Fill 120ml to 150 hot boiling water (100 degree celsius) in a thermal vacuum sealed flask
    Step 2 - Add a sachet of Yi Yan Ge Birdsnest and other ingredients into the vacuum flask and close lid securely
    Step 3 - Leave overnight and start your day with bird’s nest in the morning

Our Story

We’re a small family business and a team of husband and wife, blessed with a beautiful daughter. Living oceans apart from our families had us juggling multiple roles such as parenting on top of our full-time jobs. We quickly realised we needed to stay healthy, both physically and mentally, before we could care for our daughter (and each other).

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