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Is Bird Nest Good For You?

Yes, edible bird nest (EBN) is good for you as their nutritional and medicinal properties help stimulate cell repair and growth, boost energy, maintain a healthy immune system and relieve your fatigue.

Numerous research (Mahaq, O. et al., 2020) suggested that sialic acid from glycoproteins in EBN increases cognitive performance (Abdul Khalid SK, et al., 2019) for memory functions, brain development and learning ability (Wang, Brand-Miller, 2003).

What Are the Benefits of Bird’s Nest for Skin?

Bird’s nest benefits for skin include anti-aging and glowing complexion, from the collagen and energy boost in addition to stress relief. Yi Yan Ge Birdsnest is the perfect food for your skin as it is rich in:

1. Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) for boosting collagen production, stimulating growth and cells reparation.

2. Glycoprotein and amino acids for maintaining a healthy immune system and boosting energy.

3. Tryptophan, which can only be obtained through diet and is vital for the production of serotonin and melatonin in our bodies to help relieve stress, nerves and tiredness.

Is Yi Yan Ge Birdnest Ethically Sourced?

Yes, Yi Yan Ge Birdsnest is ethically sourced from farms instead of the wild, therefore it has fewer impurities and feathers as it is in a more controlled environment. Additionally, farming is a more sustainable approach than harvesting from the wild.

Where Is Yi Yan Ge Birdnest From?

Yi Yan Ge Birdnest is sourced from swiftlets farmed in Malaysia.

Do You Have A Valid Import Permit?

Yes. Yi Yan Ge Birdnest holds a valid import permit issued by the Australian Department of Agriculture and passed the Australia Quarantine and Inspection Service.

Is It Good to Drink Bird’s Nest Everyday? How Often Should You Consume Birds Nest?

Yes, it is good to drink white bird’s nest everyday. Daily consumption over an extended period of time is recommended for helping to stimulate cell repair and growth, boost energy, maintain a healthy immune system and relieve your lethargy.

How Much Bird’s Nest Should I Drink?

Recommended 3 grams a day at minimum, as any less would result in insufficient intake of nutrients. Any more than that will result in wastage as our body is not able to absorb beyond 3 grams worth of nutrients in a day. Of course, you’re welcome to drink more if you enjoy the taste!

What Is the Best Time to Drink Bird’s Nest?

The best time to drink bird’s nest is first thing in the morning or on an empty stomach before going to bed. This would allow for maximum absorption of all nutrients in our bodies. Kindly note that daily consumption is recommended for sustaining the benefits of bird’s nest most effectively.